Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Modern Bachelor

Being The Bachelor isn't easy.

It was my mom's birthday on Friday, so I made this for her. For the past few seasons I've watched The Bachelor and The Bachelorette with my mom, dad, and brother. For those unfamiliar, The Bachelor (Bachelorette) is a show where around 25 women (men) sign up to date 1 eligible bachelor (bachelorette) at the same time. Throughout the season, The Bachelor and his girlfriends jet-set to various locations around the world that are, according to ABC, the most perfect places in which to fall in love. The girlfriends vie for The Bachelor's attention and every week he breaks up with one or two, until he has one left and proposes to her. Brilliant concept right? According to most Bachelors and Bachelorettes, this process "works" although it rarely culminates in an actual wedding.

Anyway, the show has been doing something interesting lately. Normally, every Monday night we trudge through 2 hours of banal relationship conversations, one-on-one testimonials, inter-girlfriend drama, and commercials. Sound boring? Well, apparently ABC thinks so because they've begun incorporating live tweets into the show to keep us mindless viewers occupied while The Bachelor wines and dines yet another woman who wants her "fairy tale ending." Some of the tweets are actually funny, but it's strange that ABC would rather have us read tweets than watch these relationships blossom.

So, that's essentially the premise of this comic. A show that deems itself a "serious" dating show is doing silly things in an attempt to keep its audience engaged. Ironic, since I have to disengage to some degree with what's actually happening to read what the internet thinks.

For those not familiar with this season, The Bachelor of this season (and focal point of this comic) is Sean. He currently has two women left, so I picked one (Catherine) to be the last girlfriend standing.

As for the fake tweets:
The first tweet is just a caricature of every Bachelor fangirl I know.
The second tweet is from the super intense girlfriend Sean let go last week. She's a professional organizer and has made sure Sean and everyone in America are familiar with her abandonment issues.
The third tweet is from the stellar, but sometimes comically unnecessary host. Earlier this season, his advice to Sean when he was contemplating who to eliminate was "get this right." Great advice, Chris. Thanks.
The last tweet is from Sean himself during his own proposal.

In reference to what Sean's saying in the second panel, in one outtake Catherine and Sean were having a multiplication contest. Yeah, stuff like that happens.

In terms of the actual art, it's pretty bare bones. I intended to color it initially, but I ran out of time. I'm fairly happy with the comic as a whole even though it's not probably not the most beautiful thing I've drawn.

Hope you enjoy it!


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