Thursday, August 11, 2016

Scavenger [Update]


I overhauled the colors on this mock-up a while back, so I thought I'd put up the new version here. I also took out the HUD elements, which were a bit random and incoherent.

By way of a more general art update, I've continued to develop this game idea and style in my spare time over the course of the last month. While this mock-up was an exercise in moving away from rigid tile-based drawing in favor of combining larger, bespoke pieces, I've since abandoned that approach and returned to my beloved tiles. Basically, I decided that I actually wanted to make a game, so tiles were definitely the way to go.

As a result, this mock-up is now slightly dated in terms of style. I've since completed a few new areas and created new characters and animations, which I hope to share once I've nailed down the basic game mechanics.

Until then, enjoy the brighter colors ;)