Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ludum Dare 26, SpaceCat, General Update

So, I haven't posted in over a month and a half, but super cool stuff is about to happen!

Ok question 1, which I am posing to myself:

What have you been doing?

>>> Great Question Jake! For the past four months (since the end of December 2012), my long-time friend and game developer partner DJ and I have been developing a PC game. A lot of the graphical work is done and we're ironing out the core game mechanics at the moment. I'm not going to write much about this here. I'll save that for it's own blog post when we release a demo in May.

Ok next question...someone from the back perhaps....yes, you!

What's all this super cool stuff about to happen that I'm hearing so much about?

>>> Glad you asked! This weekend DJ and I are taking a small break from our game to participate in the Ludum Dare 26 72-hour game jam. The jam will begin Friday, April 26th at 9 PM and will end 72 hours later.

We've never done a game jam before so we wanted to record our experience this weekend. Luckily, a blog-savvy cat-friend of ours is willing to document our game development. SpaceCat will be following us every step of the way posting photos, videos, screenshots, and ultimately our final game. Also, SpaceCat will be answering any questions you may have throughout the weekend!

Here are the Ludum Dare site and The SpaceCat Jam Blog links in case you missed my subtle text hyperlinking:

Also we'll be tweeting a bunch, so you can follow us here:


We're super pumped and hopefully you are too!


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