Friday, February 22, 2013

Sweet Snood

So, I know I posted a self portrait a couple posts ago and I don't draw myself a lot I promise, but I got this sweet neck warmer/snood thing and had to draw myself wearing it.

EDIT: Left side is the newer one, made some small edits to some things that were bothering me.

It also makes a nifty profile image so there's a good reason as well. This is my first completed painting in manga studio ex 4.0 (yay), which is an awesome program that's super user friendly. I ended up leaving the sketch layer in the final image because it gave me the exact filter-type effect I wanted to add in photoshop afterwards. I also added some noise in photoshop anyway. Unvaried color tones and noticeable boundaries between tone shifts irk me, so filter effects really enhance the quality for me.

Believe it or not, I originally intended to draw myself in a simple, clean, cartoony style, but clearly that didn't happen. I can never quite capture what I look like in a cartoon style and so I suppose that drove me towards a more realistic representation. Speaking of which, here is the image I referenced for likeness:
Look like me?
More art soon!


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