Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014: Games In Development


2013 was a productive year for me. I was accepted into the University of Illinois College of Law and just completed my first semester there. That's taken up most of my time, but I have been able to continue to develop a few games with my long-time friend and collaborator DJ DeWitt. Here's a quick summary and visual of what games are in development, what they are about, and when you can expect their release. DJ and I currently have full time commitments, which take precedence over our game development work. This makes determining release dates difficult, but I will give my best estimate.


RAILS is niche sport with a cult following. Extreme athletes grind the re-purposed rails, delivering old mixtapes to dropboxes, while avoiding the hard-hitting Rail Pigs. With rail-stadia affixed hundreds, sometimes thousands, of feet above the ground, only the bold and fearless dare to step out onto the RAILS. The rest of us simply watch.

RAILS is currently our number one priority. This game was originally made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 26. We are in the process of making it a more substantial, polished, and innovative experience. This game will be released in 2014. The platforms on which it will be released are still not fully determined.


What makes us who we are? Can we change? SYNTHESYS is a dynamic narrative-driven game unfolding in multiple domains. You follow a Synthetic Designer as he struggles with his past, present, and future as they begin to converge. In one domain, the Designer must navigate new relationships in an uneasy alliance with an independent group to complete the creation of the perfect assassin. In another domain, that assassin must develop a mind acutely tuned for killing, while managing a debilitating psychosis.

SYNTHESYS is our most developed and ambitious project. We have been working on it since December 2012. Work on SYNTHESYS will resume upon the release of RAILS. We expect to release SYNTHESYS in 2014 as well.


In the culmination of a series of events put into motion years prior, an assassin must reach the top floor of a massive Spacecraper to eliminate his target. The only path is up the ROBOSHAFT, a dangerous service elevator of defense projectiles and deadly security forces. A small community resides below the service elevator. What the assassin finds down there may indicate what awaits him at the top.

Work on ROBOSHAFT has been on hiatus for over a year, however, a substantial amount of work has already been done for it. The narrative of ROBOSHAFT occurs at a time after the conclusion of SYNTHESYS, so we felt it better to complete that game first.

For those interested in hearing more about our games and want to follow our progress -

@jakewiesen - my account
@djdewitt - DJ's account
@Yofupo - our studio account