Thursday, August 11, 2016

Scavenger [Update]


I overhauled the colors on this mock-up a while back, so I thought I'd put up the new version here. I also took out the HUD elements, which were a bit random and incoherent.

By way of a more general art update, I've continued to develop this game idea and style in my spare time over the course of the last month. While this mock-up was an exercise in moving away from rigid tile-based drawing in favor of combining larger, bespoke pieces, I've since abandoned that approach and returned to my beloved tiles. Basically, I decided that I actually wanted to make a game, so tiles were definitely the way to go.

As a result, this mock-up is now slightly dated in terms of style. I've since completed a few new areas and created new characters and animations, which I hope to share once I've nailed down the basic game mechanics.

Until then, enjoy the brighter colors ;)


Friday, January 8, 2016


With another law school semester completed, time for another mockup!

This is a redo of my Base One/Two concepts. However, more or less everything is different except the common core of characters I designed along with those mockups. Here are those characters:

From left to right: Tahliah, Timur Genrich, Wilhemina, Ume (formerly Zoe in my Base Two mockup), Marjah Khan.

This mockup features Tahliah - the would-be protagonist of the game - a scavenger who stumbles upon a dead body in a scrap heap. This unfortunate discovery puts her in the crosshairs of interplanetary ace detective Timur Genrich (!) (also depicted in the mockup), who wants her for questioning.

In terms of style, I tried to move away from a rigid tile-based structure. I had worked on a previous Base One/Two Redesign and when it was about 80% complete, I found it incredibly boring to look at. Here's what it looked like before I abandoned it:

Some of these assets are salvageable, but the overall scheme seemed beyond redemption. It's also rather large for the character sizes.

I'm working on another mockup of this hypothetical game. As you can see, I've made tremendous progress so far:

That's all for now, but stay tuned. I may have another mockup completed this month.