Sunday, August 14, 2011

Story of My Father

A gift for my dad's 59th birthday. More after the jump.
This is a biographical comic of my dad's life thus far. He's a very thoughtful person. He's also balding and old, so, he can't be taken too seriously.

I like how this page turned out, especially the paneling, which was, more or less, an experiment.
A couple notes:
 -The text in the fourth frame (tuxedo dad), doesn't totally work.  The "number of women decreased" was my way of saying he got married, however, it would have made much more sense if there was more than one woman in the frame before it. I never really figured out how to fit more women in that frame, oh well.
-Fifth frame (baseball swing) fun fact: My dad did actually become blinder. I'm not familiar with the specifics, but he's endured eye problems as he's gotten older and he has several blind spots in both eyes.
-Sixth frame: My brother isn't actually adopted.
-Last frame: when I said he only found sports and women endearing earlier in the comic, golf doesn't fall under the umbrella of sports. Why? Because it ruins the logic of this comic. That's why.


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