Sunday, August 7, 2011

Self Portrait

I don't always look this indifferent. I promise.
I drew this earlier this summer for fun.  I'm pretty satisfied with the likeness, although, I feel more detail was called for.  I originally intended on coloring this which is why the rendering is simple, but that never happened. The hair, it seems to me, is more fully rendered than the rest which bothers me slightly. I may still color it someday, although, I would probably prefer to just draw a new one and color that.



  1. Actually, I don't think you look indifferent here, I think you look somewhat intense. The eyes look piercing and I don't know how you communicate that with drawing, but to me, you did. I'm thinking it's the two little vertical lines on the inside of the eyebrows, what do you think?

  2. Hm, I suppose you're right, it is a fairly intense stare. I think the lines you mentioned and the horizontal forehead lines probably convey that certain amount of tension.
    Appreciate the comment!