Friday, August 12, 2011

Enter human - Death Knell Page 2

The most challenging aspect of this page was the first frame's helicopter.  I had never drawn a helicopter before, so, some of the design is improvised, but I'm pleased with how it turned out.

As I go about any long term project, I always struggle with looking back on art I've made previously. I look back on this page and the first page and fixate a bit on their deficiencies.  With these first two pages particularly, I feel as if I could have pushed the inking medium a little further. Primarily, I rely on simple highlights and shadows for rendering. While that seems intuitive with only black and white to work with, there are numerous other ways I could have created mid-tones or textures to more fully render the objects and the environment, in particular.  I like maintaining a relatively "clean"and prioritized inking style, but there are drawbacks. It so leaves a lot of open white spaces which make the page feel empty in parts. Color would probably be an ideal option for these pages, but I'm not ready to commit that much time just yet.
Despite my uncertainties, the only way to finish a project, I'm convinced, is to just ignore my self-criticism for now and keep drawing! Right? Right.


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