Sunday, July 31, 2011

From the depths of my hard drive

Pixel art that has been collecting dust on the shelf. Most are a couple years old or so. More words and pixels after the jump.

Back in 2004, I think, my friend DJ introduced me to GameMaker and the wonderful world of pixel art. Since then, we have developed games (or at least attempted to). A couple years later, I discovered PixelJoint, a site dedicated to sharing pixel art.  Most of the pixel art I've created I've put up on my PixelJoint profile, here, but over the years some of it has been forgotten for a variety of reasons.

The first image at the top is a revamped mockup of the original Super Mario Bros. I don't remember why I made it or why I never shared it, probably just forgot about it.  The background is the only element that is not pixel art.

The second image at the top was for a game idea where you would play as a Victorian Age magician. Several things, such as the pine tree and the edge of the foreground building always bothered me, so, I was never really motivated to share it.

Here's some more:
These are six kids in halloween costumes for an overhead halloween game.  I can't remember what the game idea was, but these little guys turned out pretty well.

This is probably the oldest. I drew this for a friendly activity with my friend Ryumaru, wherein we both drew a 64x64 batman.

This is a small collage of Link from Legend of Zelda done in the CGA palette.

This was a side-scrolling skating game mockup done for fun.  I was going to put more effort into this mockup, especially that window, but I moved on to other things.

This tree was supposed to be part of a mockup of the same style, but I never got to the rest of it.

These characters are derived from various game ideas from myself and my friend DJ and arranged in a Super Smash Brothers type of brawl.  The brick about to ground pound the Mexican bandito is one of my favorite characters. He was designed by DJ and his name, I believe, was originally "Lunabrick," but has since evolved into "Crazy brick." Hopefully, he can star in a game or a comic at some point.

This is a faux mockup of Shatterhand for the NES done for an activity on Pixelation, however, I failed miserably to follow the NES restrictions and never rectified my mistakes. I suppose that's what happens when you don't bother to learn the restrictions before starting.

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