Friday, July 29, 2011

Before I knew it, the dream was over

My first comic. Forgive the large size of the magnified image, I was still fumbling with Manga Studio at this point in time. More after the jump.

In my first year of college, my roommate John and I decided, for some reason, to record our dreams in journals. Our other friend Johnny also joined in the fun, and we would spend time reading our dreams to one another (regardless of how embarrassing or graphically sexual). This was endlessly entertaining, and perhaps we should have attempted interpretations as well.
After we did this for a couple months, I thought it would be cool to bring some of my dreams to life, so to speak, and draw them out in comic format. This is what resulted. This is, more or less, the first dream I recorded in my journal. I even remember the visceral stomach reaction I had during the dream when falling down the waterfall causing me to wake up (luckily I didn't actually fall off of my lofted bed).
Myself and my brother are the two characters in the dream. We are quite similar looking, but hopefully it reads ok.  The text is a bit melodramatic, but I enjoy it still.
Feedback of any kind is always appreciated!


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